Websocket is the transport type supported by GOST.


gost -L "ws://:8080?path=/ws&rbuf=4096&wbuf=4096&compression=false"


path - request URI,default value is /ws 

rbuf - receive buffer size in byte,default value is 4096

wbuf - send buffer size in byte, default value is 4096

compression - compression flag,default value is false

There are four types of Websocket in GOST:

Standard Websocket

gost -L ws://:8080

Unencrypted websocket tunnel.

Multiplex Websocket

gost -L mws://:8080

Unencrypted websocket tunnel with multiplexing features.

Websocket Secure

gost -L wss://:443

Websocket tunnel using TLS encryption.

Multiplex Websocket Secure

gost -L mwss://:443

Websocket tunnel with multiplexing and TLS encryption.