Shadowsocks is a protocol type supported by GOST.

Support for shadowsocks is based on library shadowsocks/shadowsocks-go.


Starting from 2.10.1+, encryption becomes optional.
Server side
gost -L=ss://chacha20:password@:8338
Client side
gost -L=:8080 -F=ss://chacha20:password@server_ip:8338

AEAD cipher

As of 2.10.1+, features of ss2 have been merged into ss, the AEAD cipher methods can be used directly in ss, and ss2 is deprecated.

As of v2.8, GOST supports AEAD cipher based on shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2.

Server side
gost -L=ss2://AEAD_CHACHA20_POLY1305:password@:8338
Client side
gost -L=:8080 -F=ss2://AEAD_CHACHA20_POLY1305:password@server_ip:8338

Combined with transport layer

The shadowsocks protocol can be used in combination with various transport types

Shadowsocks Over TLS

gost -L ss+tls://chacha20:password@:8338

Shadowsocks Over KCP

gost -L ss+kcp://chacha20:password@:8338


Server side
gost -L=ssu://chacha20:password@:8338

ttl - (2.10+) tunnel time to live, default values is 60s.

Changes after 2.10+

Client support

ssu can be used in the chain to forward UDP data:

gost -L udp://:5353/ -F=ssu://method:password@:8338


Encryption becomes optional.

GOST supports AEAD cipher methods based on shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2, and compatible with cipher methods in older version.

When encryption is enabled, the cipher methods in (shadowsocks/shadowsocks-go) will be used first. If not supported, switch to the (shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2).

Combined with transport layer

ssu became a protocol type, so it can be used in combination with transport types.

gost -L ssu+kcp://:8338
gost -L ssu+wss://:443

By default, ssu is equivalent to ssu + udp, and the transport layer is the raw UDP protocol. In this case, GOST will use shadowsocks UDP relay protocol for data forwarding.

If other transport types are specified, SOCKS5 UDP relay protocol is used for data forwarding.

ssu can only be used to forward UDP data. The behavior of forwarding TCP data is undefined.

When used in a chain, ssu must be the last node of the chain.

When ssu+udp is used in a chain, no other nodes should exist in the chain.