KCP is a transport type supported by GOST.

Support for KCP is based on libraries xtaci/kcp-go and xtaci/kcptun.


Server side

gost -L=kcp://:8388

Client side

gost -L=:8080 -F=kcp://server_ip:8388


GOST has a default KCP configuration built-in,and is the same as xtaci/kcptun. you can also use the parameter c to specify the path to an external file.

gost -L=kcp://:8388?c=/path/to/conf/file

File format:

    "key": "it's a secrect",
    "crypt": "aes",
    "mode": "fast",
    "mtu" : 1350,
    "sndwnd": 1024,
    "rcvwnd": 1024,
    "datashard": 10,
    "parityshard": 3,
    "dscp": 0,
    "nocomp": false,
    "acknodelay": false,
    "nodelay": 0,
    "interval": 40,
    "resend": 0,
    "nc": 0,
    "sockbuf": 4194304,
    "keepalive": 10,
    "snmplog": "",
    "snmpperiod": 60,
    "tcp": false

Please refer to the kcptun for more detail.

To use a KCP node in a proxy chain, there can be only one KCP node in the proxy chain, and this node can only serve as the first node in the proxy chain.

Fake TCP (2.9.1+)

You can enable the fake TCP mode via tcp parameter or tcp option in the config file.

This feature is only available on Linux.

Server side

gost -L=kcp://:8388?tcp=true

Client side

gost -L=:8080 -F=kcp://server_ip:8388?tcp=true