Obfs4 is a transport type supported by GOST.

First to run the server, generate a URL for client access:

gost -L ss+obfs4://:18080

When it starts up normally, it will display the URL on the console


Then use the generated parameters to start the client:

gost -L :8080 -F ss+obfs4://server_ip:18080/?cert=06ss%2FlcDWVkTZLXLcRkH8tozyP0aUXmOm%2BuT5KtbkEP%2BTnCqNumFx9p218Vy0WityAM0Kg&iat-mode=0

The URL generated here does not contain host IP address, so if the client and the server are not the same host, it is necessary to specify the server's IP.