SSH is a transport type supported by GOST.


Server side
gost -L=ssh://:2222
Client side
gost -L=:8080 -F=ssh://server_ip:2222?ping=60

Client can use the ping parameter to set the heartbeat sending period in seconds. By default, no heartbeat packet is sent.

Port Forwarding

GOST SSH also supports standard SSH protocol port forwarding function, please refer to Port Forwarding for more detail.

PubKey authentication (2.11+)

Server side
gost -L="ssh://:2222?ssh_authorized_keys=/path/to/authorized_keys"

ssh_authorized_keys - authorized public keys file

Client side
gost -L :8080 -F=ssh://server_ip:2222?ssh_key=/path/to/id_rsa"

ssh_key - private key file